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You only have one skin.
At Serenity we really care about it

Serenity is led by highly experienced independent nurse prescribers, trained at the highest level to help you and your skin both look and feel great. We are completely devoted to helping men and women feel more comfortable and confident. As we so often say to our patients, you only have one skin and if you come to us we will use all our expertise to help you take care of it. We believe that our love for what we do shines through in the results we achieve and we strive for perfection in every procedure we carry out.

Some people would have you believe that beauty is no more than skin deep, but here at Serenity, we challenge that in the holistic approach we take. How you look is also how you feel and for us, that begins with respecting your individuality, understanding your goals and giving you the confidence and support to achieve them. Our promise is to deliver you outstanding service and the best possible care in bringing out the true beauty that makes you ‘you’.

We are proud supporters of one percent for the planet.

We're Accredited by SaveFace

Save Face is a government-approved register of accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical treatments, and Serenity is proud to be on the register with our fellow industry leaders. Save Face assess each practitioner and clinic, only registering those that meet the high standards, to ensure you are treated by a safe, reputable non-surgical cosmetic practitioner.

We’re Passionate About Skin.

As seasoned skincare experts, the Serenity team is devoted to helping men and women feel more comfortable and confident in the only skin they have. Our love for our work reflects in our results, and we strive for perfection in every procedure we carry out. Our top medical team is committed to going above and beyond to ensure exceptional service, proudly supporting each patient who places their trust in us. We vow to make you feel valued and cared for on a personal level, proving that beauty isn’t only skin deep! Our unrivalled aftercare service completes the package.

We're Environmentally Conscious

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is one of the biggest culprits worldwide where environmental pollution is concerned. “Beautiful waste” significantly contributes to the global plastic crisis, but at Serenity we are committed to being part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are an environmentally conscious company and we are proud to be industry leaders in seeking to control and minimise the shocking and unnecessary waste which is almost smothering our planet.

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We promise that we will...


Inform and empower you at every stage of the process


Fully involve you in creating your treatment plan


Provide full support - before, during, and after your treatment


Make you feel valued through our fully personalised service


Never make you feel rushed or as though you are on a ‘conveyor belt’ service


Deliver expert medical advice and the highest level of care


Provide personalised advice so that you get the most value for money


Deliver essential aftercare through our 24/7 emergency support

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