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Meet The Team

Educator - Dr Ivona Igerc, DMD, Aesthetics

Dr Ivona Igerc is a distinguished expert with a wealth of experience in cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic medicine. Based in London, she teaches students globally, giving her a rich experience with patients from different ethnic backgrounds and skin types. She has lectured at various international conferences, is a member of the renowned Medical Board of Bioscience Institute of San Marino, UAE Hong Kong and the previous president of The American Academy. Dr Ivona Igerc is the author of the book “Face”, has developed the face cream IvyNano and, as a key opinion leader, has worked on the development of several medical devices, and has been involved in pioneering the liquid face-lift, non-surgical rhinoplasty and PDO threading. She is also involved in aesthetic applications with adipose-derived stem cells.

Educator - Victoria Martin, NIP, RN, BA, AdvDipHE

Victoria gained a wealth of experience originally working for the NHS. But she had long held an interest in aesthetic medicine and so, being keen to combine a deeper knowledge with her enthusiasm for the discipline, she moved into the private sector where she gained extensive experience in the many aspects of medical care revolving round the cosmetic industry. Training on Harley street, Victoria teamed up with Shaun Taylor which is when the idea for Serenity Aesthetics was born. The knowledge and experience that Victoria has developed are deep and wide ranging and she combines them with a dedication to achieving excellence in all her cosmetic work. Although she specialises in advanced injectable procedures and non-invasive skincare solutions, Victoria also strongly believes in taking a holistic approach in aesthetic medicine and so her practice confidently fuses new scientifically tested concepts and techniques with traditional knowledge and wisdom.

As an Independent Nurse Prescriber (NIP), Victoria constantly seeks to renew her knowledge as new techniques and scientific insights are discovered, and she takes care to ensure that each aspect of her expert knowledge is fully up to date. The respect that both clients and colleagues have for Victoria’s natural flair and creativity, and the thoughtful approach that she brings to each individual’s needs, have led her to be invited as an expert advisor on Aesthetic Advisory Boards. She also has considerable experience in delivering educational talks and seminars.


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