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Acne Light Treatment

Help manage sebum levels
Decrease the presence of bacteria
Minimise inflammation
Improve skin appearance
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Acne light treatment uses combined wavelengths of both red and blue light to destroy bacteria, reduce inflammation, inhibit the production of oily skin secretions and improve healing.

Acne occurs when an increased production of natural oils and fats (known medically as sebum) build up with dead skin cells in microscopic cavities and pores of the skin. Bacteria found naturally on the skin’s surface then work on these build-ups to cause inflammation and unpleasant ‘breakouts’, as these pores effectively become clogged.

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Acne Light Treatment Prices

Consultation £25 (refundable/redeemable)
Lip filler 0.5mL (Juvederm Smile lasts up to 4 months) £150
Lip filler 0.5mL (Juvederm Vycross lasts up to 12 months) £199
Lip filler 1mL (Teosyal lasts up to 6 months) £280
Lip filler 1mL (Juvederm Vycross lasts up to 12 months) £350
Vertical lip lines (smoker’s lines) £280
(Teosyal/Belotero 1mL lasts up to 6 months)
Course of 8 Treatments (saving 15%) £646
Course of 8 Treatments (saving 15%) £646
Course of 8 Treatments (saving 15%) £646
Course of 8 Treatments (saving 15%) £1020

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Acne Light Treatment?

Acne occurs due to the naturally occurring oils from the sebaceous glands combining with dead skin cells to have a clogging effect on the skin’s pores. Bacteria can then work to create inflammation, leading to infected pustules which in turn can cause redness, hyperpigmentation and even leave scars.

In the treatments of acne it is therefore important to prevent breakouts from occurring, so that scars and hyperpigmentation are reduced. The result is clearer looking skin and a more even skin surface and tone.

The Venus Versa acne light treatment works by using different wavelengths of light. These have a heating effect and target specific tissue within the skin. Blue light destroys bacteria, while red light helps to reduce inflammation, inhibit sebum production and improve healing.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Serenity recommends 8 - 10 treatments, with two treatments per week. Maintenance treatment may then be required twice a month, reducing to once a month depending on results.

What Should I Do Before Treatment?

Please ensure you have discussed your full medical history with us. This includes any non-surgical treatments you have had in the past, any operations or the diagnosis of any current conditions. We will also need to know about any medications you are taking, or have recently taken, both prescribed and over-the-counter. A patch test will need to be performed for your safety before treatment can commence. This will be arranged by your practitioner at your consultation. We will email you with pre-care instructions, but please take note of the following important requirements:

  • you should refrain from applying deodorants, perfumes or makeup before your appointment
  • avoid using self-tanning lotion for at least two weeks prior to treatment and avoid tanning in general. We will not be able to proceed with treatment if you have a tan of any kind
  • avoid using any acid based exfoliants, retinols or any other irritant topical agents (please ask us about this if you are unsure what these are) for at least 5 days before treatment

What Should / Shouldn’t I Do After My Treatment?

Your practitioner will discuss your post-treatment instructions with you, and also email you a copy with the emergency out-of-hours telephone number. You should use this for any concerns you may have, if any.

After your treatment please ensure that:

  • you avoid sun tanning before and after treatments. Always apply a SPF30 and above
  • avoid hot baths, saunas, steam rooms for at least 2 days after treatment
  • avoid your usual acne skin regime for at least 2 days after treatment. Your practitioner will discuss this at length

Is Acne Light Treatment Painful?

During treatment, a mild-moderate sensation of heat and skin tingling is usually experienced. This sensation of heat usually settles immediately after each flash. Any residual heat which may return later in the day may be calmed with a cold cloth.

Who Is Suitable for Acne Light Treatment?

While acne light treatment is suitable for Fitzpatrick skin tones I - V, there may be some reasons why you are not suitable. It is important to check, so please ensure you have discussed your full medical history with us at your initial consultation. Reasons you may not be suitable for treatment include, but are not restricted to:

  • superficial metal or other implants in the treatment area
  • if you are pregnant or nursing
  • if you have active skin conditions in the treatment area, such as eczema or psoriasis
  • if you use medication that causes light sensitivity, such as Roaccutane
  • if you have a sun tan or have been using of self-tanning lotions

Can Acne Light Treatment Be Combined With Other Treatments?

Acne light treatment can be combined with medical grade home skin care in order to maximise and maintain your results at home. Your practitioner may also recommend chemical peels before or after a course of acne light treatment. At your initial consultation your experienced practitioner will draw up a treatment plan with you which will be best suited for your needs.


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