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Our environmentally friendly soap gift to you this Christmas

Our Christmas Gift To You

Here at Serenity we are always mindful of the impact that our lifestyles are having on the planet and this year has been no exception with regards to the current plastic crisis threatening our oceans. With our thinking caps on, we decided to try something different & have been very busy behind the scenes making beautiful, completely organic, natural soap.

Did you know that only 9% of the plastic ever made has been recycled?

Throughout December when we see you in clinic for any treatment, we would like to give you one of our lovingly made bars of soap to try for yourself. While supplies last you will have a choice of refreshing Lemon & Poppy seed, relaxing French Lavender or indulgent Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold, plus you will receive an exfoliating soap-saver bag to use the soap in while you take a shower.

Our aim is to highlight that it is not necessary to be buying plastic bottles filled with sulphates, parabens  & other chemicals in order to wash yourself in the shower.

Studies have shown that the carbon footprint of liquid soap is 25% larger than that of bar soap, with liquid soap needing five times more energy to produce & up to 20 times more packaging!

We often think that bars of soap will leave the skin feeling dry after washing, but this does not have to be the case. The soap you will receive is completely organic and has been made with vegetable & coconut oil based glycerin & essential oils. Because there are no animal oils, the soap rinses clean and leaves no soapy film behind.

Another great point to note is that bars of soap can be put in your hand luggage next time you fly with just a carry on suitcase!

We hope you enjoy trying out our soap as much as we enjoyed making them for you. Please join us moving forward in making extra efforts to reduce, re-use & recycle wherever possible. Your efforts may seem like a drop in the ocean but collectively the impact is huge.

Have a wonderful month & if we don’t get chance to see you in December we hope to see you in the new year where we have lots of exciting new things to share with you.

Best wishes,

Shaun & Victoria
Serenity Aesthetics Skin Clinic – Leeds City Centre


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