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Alumier MD Pharmaceutical-Grade Products Are Simply The Best For Your Skin

Are you wasting money on ineffective skincare products? Are you buying  ‘simple & natural’ products for your sensitive skin, which are in fact packed with inactive compounds, fragrance masking chemicals & preservatives? Speak to us today about AlumierMD pharmaceutical grade skincare, prescribed specifically to your skins needs by medically trained professionals.

Skincare products are the least invasive method of changing the appearance of your skin. However in order to get the best results, you need to know the difference between ‘over the counter’ and ‘pharmaceutical grade’ skincare.


Collagen supplements to support firm youthful skin

Here at Serenity Aesthetics, we stock Rejuvenated© collagen supplements & products. Over the last 18 months we have been trying & testing the best collagen supplements on the market so that you don’t have to. This is an exciting time for Serenity as we will be the only stockist of Rejuvenated products in the Leeds area.

So what is collagen?

Simply put, collagen is the most abundant & main structural protein found in the body. It is found in the skin, bones and other connective tissues such as muscles, ligaments & tendons. Collagen acts as a glue or scaffold which provides strength and structure. Other uses for collagen within the body include joint health, flexibility & mobility, circulation, hair, nails, wound healing & weight loss. Collagen also helps to protect cells from free radical & oxidative damage.

How might collagen supplements benefit you?

Around 75% of your skin is made up of collagen, however, from 25 years of age, collagen synthesis reduces at a rate of 1.5% each year meaning that by the age of 45, collagen levels may have fallen by as much as 30%. Such a drop in collagen levels within the body can manifest not only as lines, wrinkles and dry skin, but weak, thinning hair, brittle nails & physical diseases associated with joints, mobility & digestion. All this being said, it makes sense then to start supplementing your diet with high grade collagen

The Rejuvenated Collagen Shots® & Veggiecol® range.

Rejuvenated pride themselves on using 100% natural, traceable, ethically sourced, non-GMO ingredients in all of their products. No artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives are used either.

From September there will be two types of collagen supplements available to buy at Serenity. Collagen Shots® which contain 10,000mg hydrolysed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, acai berry super antioxidant, combined with vitamin B3, B5, C with zinc and copper. Veggiecol® uses a unique patented extract formula which combines collagen, hyaluronic acid & over 500 different ingredients with super fruit acai berry, vitamin C, vitamin B (niacin), copper and zinc. Hydrolysed collagen is very easily absorbed through the stomach (upto 95%).

Taking either the Rejuvenated Collagen Shots or the Veggiecol capsules if your vegetarian, helps to promote:

Rejuvenated collagen shots contain up to 5 times more collagen than other ready made bottles often found on high street shelves like Boots.

How to take your Rejuvenated collagen shots.

All you need to do is mix the collagen shot in a glass of water and drink on an empty stomach 1hr before bed each night. Veggiecol comes as capsules to swallow, also at night.

Allergy Information.

For those allergic to fish, Rejuvenated collagen shots are not suitable & Veggicol should be taken instead.

Introductory offer

Throughout September in the Serenity Skin Clinic we are  offering 10% discount on the regular retail price of all the Rejuvenated products.

Click here to watch why collagen supplements can help your skin

Here is a useful article from Cognitune about the benefits of Collagen.

Lip Fillers & Dermal Fillers Guide

Dermal fillers and Lip Fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid, which is grown in a laboratory. This is naturally occurring in our skin and serves a variety of purposes. Youthful skin retains its turgor, resilience and pliability, among others, due to its high content of water. Daily external injury, in addition to the normal process of aging, causes loss of moisture. The key molecule involved in skin moisture is hyaluronic acid that has unique capacity in retaining water.

We are able to use dermal filler treatments to replicated bone, subcutaneous fat, to add more volume creating contours and symmetry to the face, to rejuvenate the ageing face, or to give overall hydration to improve skin texture. There are a variety of dermal fillers and lip fillers available on the market. At Serenity Aesthetics skin clinic in Leeds, we only use industry gold standard products to ensure we deliver you procedures with the evidence behind them. Dermal fillers and lip fillers come in a range of viscosities and are selected specifically for areas and the volume required. This will be discussed by your Serenity Aesthetics Skin Clinic practitioner during consultation.

lip fillers leeds

Teosyal and Juvederm are traditional dermal fillers, dependent on the particle size and where they are placed, last from 6-12 months. The Teosyal RHA range lasts longer due to the elastic nature of the product. This helps to prolong breakdown by moving harmoniously with the skin and gives a more natural appearance. These dermal fillers typically last from 9-22 months.

1mL of dermal filler equates to 1/5th of a teaspoon which can give good improvement to younger patients and older, however if there is a significant ageing or volume required you may require more than 1mL.

Areas which can be treated with dermal fillers include volumising young or ageing lips; smoker’s lines; chin & jawline contouring; cheeks; temples; forehead rejuvenation; nose; under eye hollowing; back of hands; full facial rejuvenation with skin beauty boosters; décolletage rejuvenation.

We believe in the natural look and will never make you look ‘done’. Our aim is to have your friends, family and colleagues admiring your freshness rather than thinking you have had assistance with aesthetic procedures.

Patients often ask if the procedures hurt. We make your experience as comfortable as possible, using numbing creams and techniques to minimise discomfort. If you are anxious and would like a dental block for lip or peri-oral treatments we can accommodate this.

It is very important that you make an informed choice when it comes to dermal filler procedures. This is a medical procedure and your practitioner will thoroughly discuss potential side effects as well as treatment outcomes at your consultation.

For our prices please refer to https://serenityaesthetics.co.uk/pricelist/

Our practitioners are highly advanced and understand that the non-surgical field is continuously evolving and developing. This is why at Serenity Aesthetics skin clinic in Leeds, we continue to invest heavily in continued professional development by attending world-renowned conferences and highly advanced training year in and year out.

We always use the best quality products – products which can only be administered by a trained professional. Here is an article explaining the difference between over the counter and pharmacy-grade products.

Other treatments to consider include skin peels which can really make you skin look brighter and younger.

If you would like any more information or to book a consultation please call 01138214565 or email info@serenityaesthetics.co.uk

Our Christmas Gift To You

Here at Serenity we are always mindful of the impact that our lifestyles are having on the planet and this year has been no exception with regards to the current plastic crisis threatening our oceans. With our thinking caps on, we decided to try something different & have been very busy behind the scenes making beautiful, completely organic, natural soap.

Did you know that only 9% of the plastic ever made has been recycled?

Throughout December when we see you in clinic for any treatment, we would like to give you one of our lovingly made bars of soap to try for yourself. While supplies last you will have a choice of refreshing Lemon & Poppy seed, relaxing French Lavender or indulgent Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold, plus you will receive an exfoliating soap-saver bag to use the soap in while you take a shower.

Our aim is to highlight that it is not necessary to be buying plastic bottles filled with sulphates, parabens  & other chemicals in order to wash yourself in the shower.

Studies have shown that the carbon footprint of liquid soap is 25% larger than that of bar soap, with liquid soap needing five times more energy to produce & up to 20 times more packaging!

We often think that bars of soap will leave the skin feeling dry after washing, but this does not have to be the case. The soap you will receive is completely organic and has been made with vegetable & coconut oil based glycerin & essential oils. Because there are no animal oils, the soap rinses clean and leaves no soapy film behind.

Another great point to note is that bars of soap can be put in your hand luggage next time you fly with just a carry on suitcase!

We hope you enjoy trying out our soap as much as we enjoyed making them for you. Please join us moving forward in making extra efforts to reduce, re-use & recycle wherever possible. Your efforts may seem like a drop in the ocean but collectively the impact is huge.

Have a wonderful month & if we don’t get chance to see you in December we hope to see you in the new year where we have lots of exciting new things to share with you.

Best wishes,

Shaun & Victoria
Serenity Aesthetics Skin Clinic – Leeds City Centre

Sunscreen Is A Very Important Part Of Skincare

We see so many patients in our Leeds skin clinic, seeking skincare advice, who are not using a daily sunscreen even in our miserable
weather or patients who like to get a tan as they feel it makes them look healthy. We are
sorry to tell you, but there is no such thing as a healthy tan and it is important that you
understand the sun’s impact on your skin, after all, you wear it every day.
Short term sun damage presents as sunburn. Long term unprotected sun exposure causes
gradual damage to skin known as sun damage, and accounts for around 90% of the signs of
skin ageing.

UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn because they damage the skin’s more superficial
epidermal layers and also play a big part in the development of skin cancer. These rays vary
according to the weather conditions, being more intense on a hot summers day.

UVA rays are present every day of the year at equal intensity during daylight hours. These
rays penetrate into the deeper skin layers affecting collagen, elastin and blood vessels.
An SPF of 30 blocks 96.7% of UV rays so only allowing 3.3% to pass through, compared with
an SPF of 15 which blocks 93.3%, allowing 6.7% through, which is twice as much.
It is therefore extremely important that you purchase ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreens to
ensure you are protected from both the UVA and UVB rays. There has been an increase in
skin cancer rates in North America, which may be down to UVB focused sunscreens, which
will prevent burning but will increase your risk of UVA damage.

There are two types of sunscreen filters, chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreen filters
are made up of small particles that are absorbed into the skin, with dozens of studies done
in the last decade showing the harmful effects these have. Many sunscreen chemicals are
known/suspected hormone disruptors, allergens and carcinogens. Not only do they have
this health implications but they do damage to the environment when washed off in the
sea, killing marine life and damaging reefs.
Sunscreen is also needed to protect the skin from free radicals. Free radicals damage our
skin by damaging our DNA. Typical sunscreens only protect up to 55% from free radicals.
Alumier sunscreens are packed with different types of antioxidants for a full range of
protection and only use physical filters to give you the safest protection. They are also free
from parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil and dyes. Sunscreen is recognised that the most
effective cosmeceutical used to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing is sunscreen.

The top tips from Serenity Aesthetics Skin Clinic for staying safe in the sun are:
1. Limit your sun exposure- Stay out of the sun between 11am-4pm.
2. Cover up- Wear sunglasses and a hat.
3. Use enough sunscreen– Wear it every day and use around ¼ tsp for your face.
4. Timing- Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out.
5. Reapply- reapply every 3 hours if you are outside for long periods and reapply after
swimming, washing, sweating.

Alumier sunscreens come in a travel friendly 60mL bottle and costs just £35. A range
of tints and sunscreens are available to suit your skin needs as we appreciate one
size does not fit all. Our favourite is the sheer hydration giving a glow to the face,
available in a tinted and non-tinted version. Alumier also offer a matte sunscreen for
those that are the more oily skin type. For those that suffer with sever breakouts and
acne, the clear shield sunscreen is a non-comedogenic, ensuring that it does not clog
pores and lead to further breakouts, like so many sunscreens do.

skincare advice leeds

skincare advice leeds

For purchases or for a FREE full skin consultation and assessment contact Serenity
Aesthetics Skin Clinic on 01138214565 or email info@serenityaesthetics.co.uk


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